Understanding the dieting journey to inform brand strategy

Using qualitative behavioural techniques to map the weight-loss journey and barriers to behaviour change in order to inform a customer segmentation.

The challenge
A major slimming brand needed to identify how best to grow their brand, category penetration and sales. Dunnhumby approached us as their qualitative partner to help them understand the different needs, emotions and dieter centric factors involved in weight loss, and amongst different types of weight-conscious people, to help inform their segmentation.

Our solution
We conducted ethnographic research with 20 weight-conscious consumers, capturing the usage, attitudes and behaviours surrounding weight loss products. Our approach incorporated a range of projective techniques, brand mapping and timeline exercises, enabling us to dig deep into the attitudes and behaviours influencing their dieting journeys and decision-making.

The outcome
We illustrated the multitude of drivers and triggers behind weight loss, exploring people’s dieting journeys in detail and evaluating brand perceptions of the client and their main competitors. We supplemented our findings with vox pops bringing the findings to life. The rich insight gathered from our qualitative research was used to inform dunnhumby’s robust segmentation.

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