Using behavioural frameworks to inform marcomms strategy

How we helped a marketing team to change behaviour among their target audience by using behavioural science to improve their comms.

The challenge
The Anthony Nolan team approached us to help inform future marketing to the Afro-Caribbean community. With a pronounced shortage of donors among this group and a real need to increase donation rates, the team needed to understand barriers to donation.

Our solution
We needed to unpick potential donors’ understanding of the donation process, and explore in depth all of their concerns about donating. To do this, we designed a programme of workshops with a range of potential donors from the UK Afro-Caribbean community.  Once we had completed our detailed analysis of the different barriers, and the issues they were rooted in, we worked with the Anthony Nolan marketing team.

Drawing on the expertise of our own Behavioural Science team, we co-created marketing messages and materials (built around an academic behavioural framework), designed to counteract the specific barriers to donation that the research had uncovered. This involved an extended workshop as well as a training session to educate the team on how they could use behavioural science techniques.

The outcome
There’s been a successful and significant increase in donors from the Afro-Caribbean community. Several years later, their team continues to rely on the insights and tools we delivered.

We still use the research and the behavioural economics tools even now.” Head of Marketing, Anthony Nolan

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