Using ethnography and text analytics to understand the customer journey

Our work helped our client to understand unmet practical and emotional needs in the specialist baby formula market to inform communications strategy.

The challenge
Our client was planning the launch of a new specialist baby formula, and wanted to offer the right support and guidance to parents of babies with a particular allergy. To do that, their team needed to understand more about the diagnosis and treatment journey, and how they could deliver against unmet needs to drive engagement.

Our solution
We delivered ethnographic in-home interviews with mums of children with a specific allergy and explored experiences, focusing on information, solutions and support to close gaps in understanding of the journey.  Our face-to-face groups and depths focused on knowledge of immunity and ingredients.

We complemented this primary research by mining existing sources of data of chat forums, through text analytics. Using specialised software to automate the process, we analysed thousands of forum posts and were able to gather rich detail about the issues mums experience; the information they rely upon and need, the solutions and support they use, and the interplay between all of these things

The outcome
We distilled the insights into step-by-step understanding of mums’ practical and emotional needs at each of the key stages, including the scope for education on immunity needs and concrete implications for the client’s marketing strategy, as well as keywords, channels and tone to adopt in communications about in general and specifically about this product.

Text analytics added an extra layer of insight that wouldn’t have been possible through primary data collection alone by identifying key language and vocabulary used and the associations between terms, as well as the times of day/ night when mums were posting, and the key words used during these times.

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