Using shopper insight to grow retail sales

Sometimes your product may be great, the price may be just right, but customers just aren’t buying. Our recent shopper insight work with the clothing range of a leading supermarket chain led to fundamental changes to the store environment and layout, and the issues we highlighted over consistency and presentation of the range are now being addressed.

The challenge

The clothing brand of a leading chain of supermarkets had hit a barrier in terms of footfall and sales. They were confident of the quality and value offered, but needed to know where to focus resources to influence buying decisions.

The Breaking Blue solution

Our shopper insight team conducted in store visits and group discussions with the target audience and uncovered a range of significant barriers; non store related, in-store environment, signposting and the clothing range itself. We also observed attitudes and behaviours on the shop floor and listened to the views of staff, adding crucial perspectives.


Because of our shopper insight work, we were able to make several recommendations which the senior management were keen to take on board. A number of changes have been made to the store environment and layout, and issues with the consistency and presentation of the range are being addressed. Our shopper insight team also gave advice as to how staff training could be tailored to selling the clothing range. These steps have tackled the barriers to purchase head-on, making the range more appealing and relevant to an even broader audience.

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