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Cultural differences in language

Translation has always been important for trade. Merchants throughout history either knew more than one language or hired someone who did. From…

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6th April 2020 | | Breaking Blue

The behavioural science of health pandemics

We love studying human behaviour. That’s one of the reasons we’re in the market research industry. People are predictable, yet at the…

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17th March 2020 | Behavioural Science | Breaking Blue

What’s in a like?

If you post on Instagram and there’s no ‘likes’ visible on it, then does it even count? Earlier this year, Instagram began…

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29th November 2019 | | Breaking Blue

WEBINAR – Breaking into new markets with confidence – 5 Top Tips for Researching Market Opportunities

Entering a new market or launching a new product is an important strategic decision with far-reaching implications for your business. How can…

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8th October 2019 | Assessing and sizing market opportunities | Breaking Blue