My experience as an intern at BB

Marta Cortes

A blog written by Marta Cortés, student at the University of Navarra, after completing her 5 months internship at Breaking Blue.

As part of my degree, I had to do an internship so that I could put into practice everything I learned during uni.

I didn’t know where I wanted to go, but I knew I didn’t want the stereotypical “coffee server and phone answering” role I heard horror stories about. Something about the name Breaking Blue caught my attention, it sounded fresh and dynamic. I must admit I never thought about market research as an option, but as soon as I went into their website and browsed through the very different Magic Stories, I knew I wanted to go there.

I still remember the Skype call I had back in October. The invite was in GMT and I miscalculated the equivalent in Spain. I had barely enough time to take the bus home from Uni and change into formal clothes. Turns out, I was way overdressed. We talked and everything went well, and next thing I knew was that I was going to London in January.

My first day at BB, after getting out of my rented house via the window – long story, went great. Everyone was so nice and welcoming; it made me feel as if I already knew them. They gave me all the training I needed, something that kept happening every week during my internship. The weekly training sessions are something that I especially appreciated, they allowed me to learn more about the market research world and some of those lessons will be helpful in real life too.

I was given real tasks and involved in different types of projects: qual, quant, internal activities and even a bit of accounting. The diversity allowed me to explore and differentiate the fields I prefer from those I don’t enjoy as much. I must admit some of projects were more challenging than others, but that is real life, and those situations are the ones you can learn from the most.

Something that was repeated constantly during my degree was how important teamwork is. This is something I always knew, but after working at BB I realised the difference it can really make. As I was involved in different projects, I was part of a variety of teams. Every member took the time to brief me and help me with everything I needed. For them, there were no stupid questions and I was treated in the same way as every other member.

This internship allowed me not only to work with amazing people who have taught me so much and discover the market research world, but also to discover some things about myself.

My experience at Breaking Blue during the last 5 month was incredible, and I can’t recommend it enough!