My internship at BB

Breaking Blue

While studying at the University of Navarra, I was offered the opportunity to join Breaking Blue’s team in London as an intern.

Spending the past 4 months at Breaking Blue has been an amazing experience. And, although I wasn’t here for that long, I can say I felt at home since the very first week I joined. I was given the opportunity to be part of the team on some international B2B research and consumer projects, and even manage small initiatives of my own.

Before I started my internship, I wanted to experience the different departments within a company to try and figure out what it was that attracted me the most. Breaking Blue not only allowed me to do all of that, but also showed me the way all of the business teams work together throughout a project’s life cycle.

Working on different projects at different stages made me realise how diverse market research truly is. After all, every project provides an answer to a challenge that a client is facing, and none of them are the same.

Solving problems creatively and understanding the different stories hidden inside data tables or hours of interviews is the part of research I find the most exciting. I like to see the story within come to life. Market research was not a career I had thought about before joining BB, but it has surely grown on me. It is also demanding! You need many skills to get there, and a good team beside you along the way. At Breaking Blue I have found both a way to develop my skills, and the support of a friendly team. I’ve had the chance to attend weekly training sessions to learn how to become a better researcher, but most importantly, I got to work alongside great professionals and, even better, great people.

I really enjoyed my time at BB. The team has been great support. They really made me feel like one of them!