What we expected from the world of work and how it compared

Breaking Blue

A blog written by Michael and Ephraim, students at the Lambeth Academy, during their one week work experience at Breaking Blue in July, 2019.

Hello, we’re Michael and Ephraim, from Lambeth Academy. We would like you to take some time and read this blog about our experience working at Breaking Blue.

To be honest working in an office wasn’t our first choice for our week of work experience so naturally we were a bit wary when our teachers told us we were going to be working in a market research agency – we had the usual questions such as what goes on in an office and what is the atmosphere going to be like? We both imagined the office having dull grey walls and unhappy workers and overall a very boring place! However as soon as we arrived at Breaking Blue the response we got instantly blew us away – Breaking Blue is the complete opposite of what we imagined!

On our first day at Breaking Blue we were greeted with warm smiles all around the office and that made us feel like we were part of the family. Breaking Blue really changed our minds making us feel that working in an office is not that bad and that there are some amazing people in the office with joyful hearts.

We were shown around the office and told more about Breaking Blue and what they do as a company. We were taken through company procedures such as H&S and shown how to use our laptops.

As the week progressed, we were given tasks that allowed us to develop key skills such as communication and verbal skills as well as team. The tasks that were given to us included accounts administration, marketing administration and verbatim checking. Our first task involved us working with accounts and filing important documents and putting them into ascending order.  We also had to scan documents, send those documents to our email accounts and sort them under appropriate names and into their labelled files. At the start of this particular task we found it quite difficult and time consuming but once we got going and got the hang of it, the task became quick and easy. All tasks we were given meant we had to follow instruction which allowed us to practice our communication skills asking any questions along the way.

Overall our experience at Breaking Blue has been very successful and our impression of working in an office has now changed. As the saying goes – ‘Never judge a book by its cover’.  The atmosphere at Breaking Blue is so good that we both wish that we could stay here.

Everyone at Breaking Blue left an outstanding example on us that we will never forget and both of us are thankful for the opportunity they have given us. So both of us would like to say thank you to everyone at Breaking Blue!