The right train of thought – how to boost your research skills with Breaking Blue

Breaking Blue

Any Breaking Bluer will tell you that we don’t just do ‘training sessions.’ We have everything from practical workshops, sharing sessions, ‘skill boosters’ via tutorials and 1-to-1 sessions, as well as formal presentation-style sessions. Oh, and everyone in our research team (and some of those outside it) works towards industry-recognised qualifications too.

The variety and breadth of what we cover, together with the fact that our dedicated Academy team collect ongoing feedback and refresh the curriculum regularly, make us proud of the way we develop research talent from elementary to expert. No wonder we’ve won awards for it!

The more we mention our training and professional development programme to clients, the more they’ve asked us to support them – and the more clients we’ve trained in research methods. We design all our sessions to be practical, flexible, and most importantly of all, tailored to the end users’ needs. So naturally, when clients started to ask us for research training, we used those same principles.

We’ve now trained government clients in best practice interviewing techniques, helped a major high street bank identify opportunities to use virtual reality, and introduced a charity to behavioural science techniques. One of our clients has sent several of their intern staff to us for an orientation in the world of insight.

We support clients by training them on the insight tools and techniques we use every day, to solve problems for organisations like theirs. Can we support you too? Let’s chat about it!