Behavioural Science

Disrupt: expert navigators in the science of behaviour change.

Disrupt is our dedicated Behavioural Science team, including experts in psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, and semiotics. Spanning a wide range of sectors and a global mix of audiences, our expertise covers consumer health to B2B technology; retail and shopper to manufacturing.

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As the amount of data we collect within our businesses grows, the need to use it optimally becomes ever more important.  Data analytics helps us to help our clients make best use of such data: whether it’s market research data, customer marketing databases, telemetry data, CRM systems or another type.

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It’s not surprising that digital spans most of what we do these days and many of our experts in this area often sit within our analytics and behavioural science teams.  At Breaking Blue, ‘digital’ means a whole range of things: from digital methods of collecting and analysing customer feedback, to digital tools to disseminate findings.

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