As the amount of data we collect within our businesses grows, the need to use it optimally becomes ever more important.  Data analytics helps us to help our clients make best use of such data: whether it’s market research data, customer marketing databases, telemetry data, CRM systems or another type.  By fusing data sources together using the latest analytics techniques, we help our clients to build a richer picture of their customers’ behaviours.  Much of our work in this area involves predicting future behaviour, using innovative modelling and forecasting techniques.

Analytics isn’t just about big data sources though.  The team, which comprises both researchers and data scientists (…not forgetting our digital experts), also helps advise us on the best methods to use: for example, when designing trade-off techniques, segmenting customers, modelling market share, or testing pricing options.  For some projects, they provide specialist support, while in other cases the entire project may be led by a member of this team.