Disrupt: expert navigators in the science of behaviour change

Disrupt is our dedicated Behavioural Science team, including experts in psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, and semiotics. Spanning a wide range of sectors and a global mix of audiences, our expertise covers consumer health to B2B technology; retail and shopper to manufacturing.

We bring behavioural science thinking into every stage of our approach, because we want to provide the best possibly insight. To do this we need to acknowledge and reflect that we’re humans; not robots, who are influenced by cognitive and behavioural biases, which lead to inaccurate predictions Once we recognise that we’re affected by these biases, and that a lot of the influences on our behaviour are non-conscious, we can design better research and give clients better answers.

So it’s not surprising that behavioural science is at the heart of everything we do: from question design and participant recruitment, to the data collection methods we use and the ways we help our clients turn insight into action. Essentially, Disrupt’s role is to look beyond the superficial. We view clients’ business challenges through a behavioural science lens, using a combination of evidence-based approaches and methods that go beyond traditional market research.